Volunteering Your Time

Many exciting and rewarding volunteer opportunities are available for you to help before, during or after school or even from home! Are you free every week at the same time? Only free a few evenings to help from home? Or would only like to volunteer for a once-a-year event? If you answered “yes” to ANY of these questions, then Smithfield has a place for YOU to volunteer!

Please review below the volunteer areas and

Contact Jenny Helms, jennyhelmsrandf@gmail.com , VP of Volunteers, to get started!

Fall/Winter Events:

  • Open House for Prospective Parents (November)  – Assist with event set-up, greeting, and tours.
  • Movie Night  (November) – Assist with event set-up, concessions, and clean up.
  • Fall Book Fair (November) – Assist with set-up, cash register, help students locate books; Book Fair is open during school hours.

Spring/Summer Events:

  • Bingo Night (March) – Assist with set-up, concessions Bingo card sales, and clean up.
  • Spring Book Fair (May) – Assist with set-up, cash register, help students locate books; Book Fair is open during school hours.
  • Raffle (March) – Assist with obtaining raffle prizes.
  • Rising K’s Beginners Day (April)  – Assist with event set-up, check in, pictures, tours, and hospitality.

Year Long Committees:

  • Volunteer Academic Support Team (VAST) – Meet one-on-one with a student weekly; work together on academic exercises provided by his/her teacher.
  • Heart Math Tutoring – Provide game-based math support and mentoring by working one-on-one with a student for 30 min to 1 hr weekly.  Materials provided and facilitator will be present for all sessions to assist as needed.
  • Lunchroom Monitors – the 1st Friday of each month we need 6-8 people to watch over kids at lunchtime (10a-12p) so teachers can have a quiet lunch off (you can sign up for as many as you’d like).
  • Community Partners – Assist in soliciting & maintaining relationships with companies & organizations in the community.
  • Staff Appreciation – Help make staff feel appreciated all year long.
  • All Pro Dads – Assist with event planning, set-up, clean-up; APD promotes father and child interaction with quarterly breakfasts and other special events.
  • Bulletin Board – Assist with updating boards in entry hall quarterly.
  • Campus Beautification – School grounds/landscape improvement team.
  • Lost & Found Clean Out – Assist with cleaning out the lost and found 2 – 3 times a year and donating all unclaimed items to an organization that helps those in need.
  • Carpool Volunteers – Volunteer in the carpool line during morning drop-off (7:15-7:45) and/or afternoon pick-up (2:40-3:00) (this is the greatest need!!)
  • EOG Proctoring – Smithfield needs over 20 Proctors each day during the End of Grade testing in the Spring.  Training is provided.  Duties consist of supporting the test administrator by monitoring students and maintaining testing procedures.

All volunteers must register at www.cmsvolunteers.com. We also ask you to log your volunteer service for Smithfield on the CMS website each month. If you’ve logged 50 hours of volunteer time, your handprint will be added to our volunteer appreciation wall.

If you have any questions about certain events/activities, please don’t hesitate to contact

Jenny Helms, jennyhelmsrandf@gmail.com , VP of Volunteers